Saifi International is the leading supplier of the analytical instruments in Saudi Arabia. The performance of the instruments is also depending upon the usage, handling and maintenance. We as a service organization provide following services to our esteemed customers and users as post sales support.

Kind of services we offer

  • Preventive Maintenance and repair
  • Software and data system services
  • Compliance services
  • The Comprehensive Service Plan
  • The Basic Service Plan
  • The Repair Service Plan
  • Why Consumables  & Spares are Important
  • Trainings

Preventive Maintenance and Repair

Preventive maintenance is a simple way to maximize lab productivity while extending life of instruments and accessories at the same time. By regular servicing of instruments we can lower instrument failure rate and raise the productivity of customer. If breakdown occurs repair services will reach the customer and try to solve the problem in a day and keep the instrument running.

Software and Data System Services

Our services and support not limited to the Instruments. As a holistic approach we also provide services towards the software and data systems linked to the instruments supplied.

Compliance Services

Professionals working in GMP, GLP, ISO 17025 or other regulated labs need different qualifications and validations It’s a time consuming procedure for user. So with our expert team we conduct Installation Qualification, Operational Qualification, Performance Qualification and Re Qualification of instruments and provide a readymade data to customer, which is very useful for them during regular audits and inspections.

To make these services efficient and effective there are choice of plans available to suit the needs of the laboratory and size of the lab output.

The Comprehensive Service Plan

Our fastest response and most inclusive plan for laboratories those require maximum uptime and high throughput. This plan is getting well accepted in the organizations of large size and having multi locations.

The Basic Service Plan

This is the most popular plan in the subcontinent for medium sized organizations, ideal for laboratories looking to balance productivity improvement and cost control.

The Repair Service Plan

Our extended warranty option for laboratories looking for an affordable way to protect against unbudgeted instrument repair costs

Why Consumables  & Spares are Important  

(a)Spare Parts plays an important role in achieving the desired Equipment availability at an optimal cost.

(b)Presently the industries are going for capital intensive mass production oriented and sophisticated technology. The downtime for such machinery is probability expensive.

(c)It has been observed in many industries that the non availability of spare parts as and when required for repairs contributes to as much as 5 % of the total down time.
(d)The objective of spare parts in stock is to ensure the availability of required Parts for maintenance and repairs of the equipment as and when required at the instrument cost. We therefore service the effective spare parts  and Calibrate and good inventory central system to ensure timely action to Minimize down time


Saifi International always remains keen to transfer knowledge to their end user. We have Factory trained engineer which can and with training for the customer at the time of installation We have also arrange training for our valued customer even after installation as and when they required it.

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