Gas / Liquid Chromatography,

We provide supreme flexibility as instrument partner. We have all the solution according to your application, requirement or budget. GC,GC customGC/MSLC/MSHPLC/UHPLC — Choose from wide-ranging products that are best for you, and upgrade when you are ready.

You have no need to change future vendor. Not only now, but for future upgrading, we have a research and analyzing team, who are well update from Future Technologies. So, take the peaceful enjoyment with strong rely on us.

If your concern is sample handling, it’s very hard to handle and prepare samples in lab. If you did not get the required result, it is very expensive and will consume costly time.

We have the best solution with UHPLC and GC System for chromatography, which is fast, economical and easy to use with the software you need to analyze your results.

LC/ MS Spectrometry

According to your application or matrices need for getting perfect confident results, our Liquid Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry Systems deliver the speed, sensitivity, accurate mass information. We provide collection of solutions that is specially to provide fast and perfect mass recognition and accurate quantification among a wide range of samples including water and soil, pharmaceutical ingredients and pesticide analysis in food products.

GC / Mass Spectroscopy,

We offer the unique GC/MS solutions for both, supreme sensitivity and unparalleled stability for all types and sizes of labs. No other system can give the high-performance and result that you require day after day – consistently and accurately. As a single source for all your GC/MS needs, we provides innovative instrumentation, consumables and accessories, user-friendly software and world-class service for entire integrated, analytical solution designed to help you achieve success.

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