Constructions & Constructions Material

We offer the total solution of building construction material. We have a huge range of as below materials

MDF, Plywood, Boards, Exotic Timber, Veneer, Laminates, Cladding, Steel, Kitchen, Sanitary, Glass, Hardware, Electrical, Aluminum, Doors, Flooring, Adhesives, Ceiling, Paints, Edge Banding, Fire Solution etc.


Asphalt is used in roofing materials, surfacing roads, in lining the walls of water-retaining structures such as reservoirs and swimming pools, and in manufacturing floor tiles.

Concrete, aggregates and masonry

Concrete is a composite building material made from the combination of aggregate and cement binder. It is the most commonly used construction material; it’s used to make pavements, building structures, foundations, motorways and roads, overpasses, parking structures, brick/block walls and footings for gates, fences and poles. 

SAIFI standards and publications specify requirements for the constituent materials used in concrete, aggregates and masonry. They also provide guidance for construction industry professionals to ensure appropriate selection of materials and good standards of workmanship in masonry structures.


Choosing a fence is affected by factors such as:

  • Intended purpose
  • Desired service life
  • Aesthetic considerations and availability of components.

SAIFI fencing standards establishes minimum requirements for materials and workmanship for fences to ensure satisfactory service for the purchaser and to assist manufacturers and installers by eliminating unnecessary minor variations in the demands of purchasers.

  • Chain link fences
  • Steel wire and wire products for fences.
  • Zinc- and zinc-alloy-coated steel barbed wire
  • Strained wire and wire mesh netting fences
  • Electric security fences
  • Design, installation and maintenance
  • Steel wire and wire products. Steel wire welded panels


SAIFI standards provide guidance on the following intended uses of insulating glass units: installations in windows, doors, curtain walling, roofs and partitions where there exists protection against direct ultraviolet radiation at the edges.

In cases where there is no protection against direct ultraviolet radiation at the edges, such as structural sealant glazing systems, additional European technical specifications should be followed.

  • Glazing for buildings for energy, light and sound
  • Glass products for structural sealant glazing systems for supported and unsupported monolithic and multiple glazing
  • Product standard for structural and/or ultraviolet resistant sealant (for use with structural sealant glazing and/or insulating glass units with exposed seals)
  • Safety related to human impact
  • Laminated glass and laminated safety glass. Evaluation of conformity/product standard

Roofing & Ceiling

SAIFI standards give recommendations for the design, materials, application, installation and performance of materials and associated fittings and accessories used in the construction of pitched and flat roofs.

They cover rain and wind resistance, durability, drainage, thermal insulation, sound insulation, control of condensation, structural support, fire precautions, maintenance and repair.

The standards are essential reference for designers, manufacturers and installers of roofing products.

  • Rainwater harvesting systems.
  • Design of the air-tightness of ceilings in pitched roofs. Roof drainage systems
  • Continuous roof-lights of plastics with or without up-stands.


There have been many technological advances in steel products and materials in recent years; it is now the most frequently used metal in construction. Steel is utilized in a wide range of buildings and constructions, and is often combined with other types of building materials, such as concrete.

SAIFI standards and publications specify all normal technical requirements for the manufacture and use of steel in construction.

Requirements for conformity assessment of structural components
Technical requirements for the execution of steel structures
Steel wire and wire products. Non-ferrous metallic coatings on steel wire. Zinc or zinc-alloy coating
Pipes and fittings of longitudinally welded hot-dip galvanized steel pipe with spigot and socket for waste water systems.


We provide all type of sanitary items with detailed accessories, such as Hospitals, Hotels, Catering, Public Washroom areas, School & Communal Shower areas etc.

Hardware (Pipe – Fittings – Sundries etc.)

Heating Pipe, Fittings and Plumbing sundries section. Here you will find a full range of copper and plastic fittings for any central heating system or waste system.

Included in this section is 15mm, 22mm and 28mm copper pipe and a complete range of copper end feeds suitable for entire central heating systems. Compression fittings and push-fit fittings are also available in this section to offer ease of installation.

Also available here are a full range of Titan water storage tanks including loft tanks, potable water tanks and non potable water tanks.

Many other more specific accessories can be found here including insulation products and consumables.


We supply all the  Goods relating to the Electrical such as Household appliances, Switches & Sockets, Wires and Cables, Light Fittings, Lamp & Tubes, Fuse-boards, & Decorative lights etc.



Aluminum is a silver-colored, low density (2.7 g/cc) metal that finds use in a huge variety of commercial applications. Unalloyed aluminum is ductile, exhibits moderate strength, and is very resistant to corrosion under most circumstances. Aluminum can be dramatically strengthened by the addition of appropriate alloying elements (Cu, Mg, Mn, Si, etc.) and subsequent heat/work treatments. Aluminum is commonly used in both wrought and cast forms.

The low density of aluminum results in its extensive use in the aerospace industry, and in other transportation fields. Its resistance to corrosion leads to its use in food and chemical handling (cookware, pressure vessels, etc.) and to architectural uses.

We have variety of Aluminum products such as angle,  channel, expanded, flat, hexagon, I beam, pipe, plate, round, sheet, square, threaded rod, tread plate, tube rectangle, tube round, tube square

Paints, Edge Banding, Laminates & Cladding

Saifi offers, veneer, laminates, cladding, paints, and edge banding products in large variety and huge range.

Kitchen Appliances and Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen appliances and kitchen accessories for you to choose from. We have a huge range of available appliances ovens, hobs, fridges, washing machines, and more all from well known manufacturers. Kitchen accessories and home appliances are often important parts of our homes because in many cases they stay situated in our kitchens for years at a time. Using an example from the selection of appliances ovens not only sit in our kitchens for years but also are being used for years. This means that we must consider how kitchen appliances look in our homes but also how well they will function during the time they are used. This is why we make sure that we are offering quality kitchen appliances from respected manufacturers. Only the best in home appliances and kitchen accessories are supplied by Discounted Heating. Finding your perfect kitchen appliances at a price you can afford couldn't be eaiser thanks to Discounted Heating.

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