Vision Mission

  • Our prime goals at the commencement of the year are to strengthen our Market position and our customer support capabilities.
  • We maintain an excellent progress with each of these goals and we believe that we are well positioned for perpetual growth in 2012-13.
  • We are a rapid growing and highly profitable life Sciences and Analytical Instruments Company with a strong presence in advanced Scientific and Clinical research. Our expertise and understanding of our customer needs are the driving force behind our success.
  • Over the years we have made reliable and significant investments in our Human Resources (Training and Seminars etc.), over all we have continue to seek performance leadership and user friendliness for our customers.
  • 2011 was certainly an exciting year of real improvement for us; we faced challenges and hurdles which were overcome by commitment and dedication of our employees.
  • We are pleased of the entire Saifi International Team for our achievements and we have completed this without sacrificing or compromising, our prime Mission of providing our customers with leading Products, Solutions and outstanding services.
  • As, our company slogan “Expert in Analytical and Chemical solution”, we aim to expand Saifi International into new territories and fields so that we can continue to provide our customers with quality products and comprehensive solutions.

We are looking forward to another year of rapid development and profitability in 2012-13 while contributing towards Saudi Arabia’s progress in analytical and life sciences fields.

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